Kehinde Adeyemi-Abaekere Wins Top 100 Tourism Personality in Nigeria Award

Managing Director/CEO of Magnificent Eagles Media &Travels Ltd (Mem Travels), Kehinde Adeyemi- Abaekere , has been listed as one of the top 100 tourism personalities in Nigeria.

With 10 years’ experience in inbound and outbound tours, Kehinde specialized in the customized holiday tour package, educational excursions, adventure travels, destination wedding, visa assistance, flight, and worldwide hotel reservations.

She is also a PR & Events expert in destination wedding, pre and post event tour package. Negotiate group flight quotes with airlines, hotel apartment rates with suppliers, return airport transfers, shuttle from apartments to wedding venues and Visa assistance.

Kehinde is dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Nigeria to foreigners and Nigerians at home, to encourage travelling to Nigeria from abroad and travel around Nigeria by Nigerians. She has a positive mind and good ability to adapt and create a stable health work environment around me’.

As the current Md/Ceo, Mem TraveIs, since 2011- To date, Kehinde Kehinde has collaborated with other local tour operators and suppliers worldwide to create and coordinate domestic and international travel experience.

Through MEM Travels, Kehinde has worked towards encouraging domestic tourism in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, creating community awareness through all social media platforms, also put together exciting and cost-saving packages for unforgettable memories of a beautiful Nigeria for tourists and Nigerians to explore.

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